Monday, January 13, 2014

Former Communications Manager: Josh Petty

Josh Petty was the former Co-Communications Manager for the EcoCAR 2 team at Purdue. He is currently managing a digital start up called, Comity Web Agency. Comity is an agency that focuses on ecommerce, mobile application, and software solutions for mid to large sized companies across the nation. 

Josh has said that the EcoCAR 2 program played a big role in his final year of college and helped him to gain knowledge in a field that he had not previously been involved in and was an awesome opportunity. During Josh’s time as a member of the EcoCAR 2 team, he had the responsibility to educate people of all ages about the program which included hosting outreach events, blogging and working with multiple media outlets to help spread the word about EcoCAR 2. One of Josh’s favorite parts about working with EcoCAR 2 was being able to network with a diverse group of people from all areas and backgrounds.

Josh is able to continue working with people from various places and backgrounds as he works with the International Internship Program at Comity Web Agency. Their internship program hosts students from all over the world including France, Africa, Czech Republic and the Ukraine. 
“Over the past three years, we have hosted nearly 20 international students from the French Engineering School, CPE LYON” said Josh. “Our program gives students a chance to enhance their English and computer Programming skills while getting a taste of the Lafayette area culture.”

Not only does Comity Web Agency host an International Internship Program but they are also early adapters of cryptocurrency “Bitcoin” and the only business in the West Lafayette/ Lafayette area that accepts Bitcoin as a means of payment. Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer payment system and in the future Comity is looking to offer Bitcoin consulting services to help educate those interested in hopes to encourage a local market for exchange. 

To learn more about Comity Web Agency go to their webpage, or their Facebook page,